Free condoms: safety c-card scheme

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The safety c-card scheme is for people under 25 who are living in Oxfordshire

Reasons to sign-up for the scheme

  • Joining the scheme takes care of getting free condoms, whenever you need them, from a network of outlets around Oxfordshire
  • The safety c-card scheme can help you prepare for safer sex when you’re ready
  • If you are already having sex, joining the scheme is about making sure you enjoy good sexual health now and in the future
  • The scheme is not just about free condoms – it’s also about providing good quality information about sex and healthy relationships

How does it work?

1. Register for the card

You can sign-up online or register in person by going to one of our registration points (see participating centres). If you are under-16 you will be asked a few simple questions – just to make sure you are safe. Our trained workers understand the issues and won’t be embarrassed – you can tell them anything. Whatever your age, you will be made to feel welcome and responsible for making this healthy choice!

Sign up now

2. Get the card

Keep it somewhere safe and it will be your ‘passport’ to get more free condoms from any of our participating centres. The card shows staff that you’ve had all the necessary training and information.

3. Know the facts

Condoms are 98% effective, but only when used correctly. Check out our online tutorial on how to use a condom or speak with one of our trained advisors if you have any questions.

Where can I get my free condoms?

There are lots of places that are part of the Safety C-Card scheme, so there’s likely to be one convenient for you. Places that offer the scheme include your school or college nurse drop-in, selected pharmacies, your local sexual health/contraception clinic, youth clubs and youth sessions.

See our list of participating centres.