What is C-Card?


Find out what the C-Card scheme is and how to join

The Safety Condom Card (C-Card) is a scheme for young people between 13-24 years to access FREE Condoms and Lube packets to improve sexual health.

  • When used correctly during sex, condoms are the only type of protection that help prevent both Sexually Transmitted Infection's (STIs) and pregnancy.
  • If you’re aged between 13 and 24, it is easy to get free condoms and lube packets through the C-Card scheme 

You can join the scheme to get a C-Card from various participating locations and professionals including school nurses, LGBT+ groups, youth organisations, pharmacies, GP surgeries, community centres etc. You can then use your C-Card to collect more condoms and lube packs!

If you’re under 16, you will be asked a few simple questions – just to make sure you are safe. Our trained workers understand the issues and won’t be embarrassed – you can tell them anything. Whatever your age, you will be made to feel welcome and responsible for making this healthy choice!


Reasons to sign-up for the scheme

  • Joining the scheme takes care of getting free condoms, whenever you need them, from a network of outlets around Oxfordshire
  • The safety c-card scheme can help you prepare for safer sex when you’re ready
  • If you are already having sex, joining the scheme is about making sure you enjoy good sexual health now and in the future
  • The scheme is not just about free condoms – it’s also about providing good quality information about sex and healthy relationships
  • Condoms are 98% effective, but only when used correctly. Check out our online tutorial on how to use a condom or speak with one of our trained advisors if you have any questions.



Condoms are the most effective way to safeguard your sexual health as they provide a barrier that stops sperm, viruses and bacteria getting from one person to another.

Condoms are the best protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI's) when having vaginal, anal or oral sex. They are also effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly.

There are two types of condoms:

  • The external or ‘male’ condom is worn over the erect penis or sex toy.
    The internal (aka ‘female’ condom, or Femidom) is a pouch with two rings that is inserted into the vagina before sex.

When used correctly and consistently male condoms are 98% effective and femidoms are 95% effective at protecting against STI's and pregnancy. It’s important to learn how to use condoms correctly and to use them consistently.

Registration: Getting your c-card

  • You need to go to a C-Card participating location (see participating locations).
  • If you are 16-24 and prefer to register online, you can now sign-up online without visiting a participating location. Begin the process now.
  • You will receive a plastic c-card (keep it safe) and a starter pack of different condoms and lube packs at registration


Collecting: Collecting more condoms and lube packs

  • Take your C-Card with you to a C-Card participating location and collect more free condoms and lube packs. 

Find a registration or collection point